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Julia Aigner

project assistance at Naturpark Sölktäler

Visitor flow management in Sölktäler Nature Park

The attractive landscape with mountain lakes and rich flora and fauna makes Sölktäler Nature Park, Austria, attractive destinations for hikers in summer and skiers in wintertime. To mitigate the impacts of growing tourist visits in the area, the Nature Park management undertook several measures. To understand tourist flows in the Park, electronic counters were installed at four main hiking trails and manual counting at two hiking spots in summer was conducted. The monitoring of human impacts on wildlife was also monitored. Collected statistics allow for identification of days and weeks of increased tourist pressure, annual comparison of tourist flows and comparison between the presences found in four spota in the Park. Obtained data were used to create a five-year strategy for tourism management in the Park, together with local stakeholders. Also, an information brochure was created to communicate natural specificities of the Park and alternative tourist itineraries, to minimize the impact on fragile habitats. Detailed description of the pilot action can be found in the attached summary. Also, you can check a video of the pilot area at this link:

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Kristin Hauser

CEETO Project Manager at UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Salzburger Lungau

Making UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Salzburger Lungau more experienceable

Within the CEETO project, the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Salzburger Lungau worked on raising the awareness and knowledge of visitors (locals and guests) about the area, to improve a sustainable behaviour and minimize negative impacts on nature and to make the Biosphere Reserve more experienceable for visitors. Furthermore, specific actions around the Preber lake were planned, to improve the parking situation in this special area.

With two surveys conducted during 2018 and 2019 in the area around the Preber lake, the management of the Biosphere Reserve learned about the visitors’ knowledge of the Biosphere Reserve and their mobility behaviour and satisfaction with the public transport in the Preber area. Based on these surveys and the participatory process, an Action Plan for a sustainable tourism development was elaborated, that contains a long-term vision and actions for sensitization, awareness and knowledge raising and quality improvement, addressing the whole region.

Additionally, special actions like a parking management and the increase of the frequency of the public transport, that focus on the specific situation in the Preber area (parking problems), were discussed.

Between the two surveys communication activities were done to raise awareness and knowledge (like guided tours, communication events) of visitors about the Biosphere Reserve and the Preber area, special actions around the lake to improve the parking situation and the acceptance of the public transport in this area couldn’t be implemented, due to political changes, but they will until summer 2020. After implementation another survey will be conducted, to measure the changes in the reduction of cars and the acceptance of public transport in the Preber area.

Furthermore, it is planned to conduct surveys every year to measure a change in knowledge and awareness of visitors about the Biosphere Reserve an to integrate the data into the Biosphere Reserve integrated monitoring system.

Learn more from the attached summary of the CEETO pilot action in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Salzburger Lungau.

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